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Public Crafting House in Ahnimar...


In the far northern section of the peaceful Daru settlement of Ahnimar, a mansion has been fully furnished with crafting workbenches and open to all to use!

Click here for a picture of the mansion:
AR-Ahnimar Crafting House.jpg

Click here to see its location on the Ahnimar map:
AR-Ahnimar Crafting House Map.jpg

Inside the mansion you will find the following crafting facilities:
  • Multipurpose Workbench
  • Regal Carpentry Workbench
    • Harani Juju Fetish (+5,000 Carpentry)
    • Double-Bladed Saw (+15,000 Carpentry)
  • Regal Handicraft Desk
    • Sugarplum Fairy Music Box (+5,000 Handicrafts)
    • Gemcutter's Bench (+15,000 Handicrafts, crafts Trinket Eggs)
  • Regal Anvil
    • Knighthood Display (+5,000 Weaponry)
    • Polished Whetstone (+15,000 Weaponry)
  • Regal Alchemy Table
    • Potion Rack (+5,000 Alchemy)
    • Experimental Crucible (+15,000 Alchemy)
  • Regal Cooking Tools
    • Culinary Queen's Secrets (+5,000 Cooking)
    • Sunstone Stove (+15,000 Cooking)
  • Regal Cloth Armor Form
    • Sewing Kit (+5,000 Tailoring)
    • Harani Sewing Machine (+15,000 Tailoring, crafts Plushie Packs)
  • Regal Leather Armor Form
    • Leopardskin Rug (+5,000 Leatherwork)
    • Hanging Tanner's Satchel (+15,000 Leatherwork)
  • Regal Plate Armor Form
    • Plumed Helm Stand (+5,000 Metalwork)
    • Smelting Furnace (+15,000 Metalwork, crafts Anya Ingots)
  • Regal Printing Press
  • Private Artistry Workbench
  • Pet Accessory Workbench
Adjacent to the mansion you will find all of the Private Workbenches:
  • Loom
  • Leatherwork Table
  • Sawmill
  • Masonry Table
  • Smelter
  • Farmer's Workstation
Everyone is welcome to use the mansion! Record the memory hearth and come back any time. Updates will be posted here.

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July 5, 2020: Flowerbeds have been planted in hopes of collecting butterflies. Outdoor seating has also been added.

June 19, 2020: Lighting, seating, and decor is mostly finished. Other items are planned from upcoming festivals and over time. Thank you to everyone who has made kind comments about the house. It's been a lot of fun setting it up and decorating, and meeting new friends along the way. Please help keep an eye on Lord Whiskerton, as he likes to explore around the house. Hope everyone enjoys their visits. 😊
June 15, 2020: A Farmer's Workstation has been installed near the workbenches!
June 11, 2020: Multipurpose Workbench installed! Thank you to whomever posted one on the auction house!
June 10, 2020: Mansion is furnished and open to the public! Please bear with me while i work on the aesthetic decor in the days to come.
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The house includes a little bit of RP-friendly features also. Relaxing places to sit and hang out, or show off some of your creativity with friends. Hope to add more instruments as my own crafting proficiency allows. If anyone has any requests or ideas, just let me know. 😊

Dressing room adjacent to a carpeted balcony.

Piano and seating on a separate balcony.

Lounge chairs under a shady tree near the river.