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Any East side players have anything like this setup? If we can get enough locations I'll make a better video showing all the places with the tools listed on them.


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What a wonderful community we have here in this great private server. Thanks to all whom donate time and gold to helping out others in game and making the gaming experience wonderful and happy/fun :)


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Man! This was really cool! I've been wanting to own my own house with farms and something to help the community by making some of my stuff for public use. But since I just came back, I'll need to hunt someplace to put my farm/plot. Hopefully, I can find around Gweonid area.


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My family and I own 3 Improved Chalets and Improved Fellowship // All Public // One of the Chalets have all workstations including the salvages *Located East of Lacton in Solzreed ** Thank you Forty for helping build the fellowship
Well damn... nice. I ended up leaving to focus on acedemics (game addiction 2 strong lol), but I moved all my stuff to a friend who was continueing... looks likemy Armorer is useless now tho :p well done.


Everyone is welcome in my public apothecary north of Perinoor housing zone, also theres a public armory and merchant house on public near by.
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Bump, for great justice! Will edit this soon to include the version 2.0 of Lilyut's crafting area. We have upgraded 28x houses, all the boosts spread out to cover really any profession with +20k to the proficiency.

Also, I finally landed the Gwenoid Forest border land. Now there is a public fertilizer house there for all to use.


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There is a public craft house, fert house, and fellowship in the northern White Arden housing area as soon as you enter it as well. Most of the buildings for your use are owned by either myself or Darriel