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Server updates 2/13: Valentine's Day Chocolate & Love Detective events start, Castle Ruler costumes changes, etc.

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Dear ArcheRagers! Please take a minute to check changes and updates we prepared for you.

To apply them, server is going to be restarted on 2/13 at 7 am.
Estimated maintenance time: 40 minutes.

List of updates:
  • Events:
    • Start of the Valentine's Day Chocolate custom event [LINK]
    • Start of the Love Detective event [LINK]
    • End of the Lunar Festival Don’t forget to spend your events coins by the end of 2/12!
    • End of Titan's Attack event. Falcorth Plains and Airain Rock Festival Zones will be removed.
  • Castle Ruler costumes changes:
    • Ruler costumes affected: Ruler of Nuimari, Ruler of Heedmar, Ruler of Marcala, Ruler of the Calmlands.
    • Craft cost reduced: 40 territory coins + 15 blue salt bonds --> 25 territory coins + 15 blue salt bonds.
    • Auroria Lord's Serendipity Stone (that is used on ruler costumes only and allows to replace synthesis effect) cost reduced: 20 territory coins --> 5 territory coins.
  • Decor Permissions:
    • The following decor items get "Can support small objects" tag:
      • Hello Kitty Vanity
    • The following decor items get "Large Furniture" tag:
      • Orange Impatiens Blossom
      • Watermelon Flowerbed
      • Pansy Flowerbed
      • Hibiscus Flowerbed
      • Pineapple Flowerbed
      • Amaranth Flowerbed
      • Square Brick Flowerbed
      • Empty Brick Flowerbed
      • Golden Ilidia Flowerbed
      • Golden Gembloom Flowerbed
      • Topiary Flowerbed
      • Hoverbloom Flowerbed
      • Daroccoli Flowerbed
      • Dawnleaf Planter
      • Crest Reclined Sun Lounger
      • Crest Sun Lounger
      • Toasty Reclined Sun Lounger
      • Toasty Sun Lounger
    • The following decor items get "House Floor" & "Large Furniture" tag:
      • Reading Light
      • Gweonid Leafy Streetlight
      • Gweonid Treevine Streetlight
  • Other Updates:
    • Numbers can now be used in the Teleport Book portals names.
    • Instead of "Goblet of Honor" Thieves' Cache Bag will now drop "Adventurer's Goblet of Honor".
    • Stacking of Adventurer's Goblet of Honor increased from 100 to 1000.
  • Marketplace:
    • Weekly Marketplace is updated [LINK]
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