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Server updates 5/26: Guild Functions (Improved Guild Buffs), new Achievements, Violent Maelstrom Arena changes and other updates!

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Dear ArcheRagers! Please take a minute to check changes and updates we prepared for you.​

To apply them, server is going to be restarted on 5/26 at 7 am.​
Duration time - 40 minutes.​

List of updates:
  • Guild Functions updates:
    • Guild Quests:
      • Max distance between the players in "Test Pilots" quest is increased from 15m to 30m.​
    • Guild Bank:
      • Added info button to guild functions window with general info regarding the guild bank.​
      • Reduced gold requirements for the bank to 1 gold. EXP requirements remain the same.​
    • New Guild Function added - Improved Guild Buffs:
      • To access Improved Guild Buffs, you need to visit Guild menu → Guild Functions → Improved Guild Buffs.​
      • Improved Guild Buffs can be activated by a Guild Leader or other guild members with a permission “Manage Guild Functions”.​
      • Guild can access Improved Guild Buffs details as well as activate them only when Guild questline required to activate Guild Functions is completed.​
      • Improved Guild Buffs are available for guilds lvl 1 – lvl 8. The higher the guild’s level is – the better certificates it can craft.​
      • Certificates can be used by the guild or sold to another guild. Guild can’t craft Certificates higher than its current level but can use such certificates crafted by other guilds. (Example: guild with level 5 can craft certificates of level 1-5; but it can also purchase higher grade certificates of level 6-8 from other guilds to receive the access to better buffs).​
      • Improved Guild Buff doesn’t take additional buff slot. Once activated, you will see the improved buff details in your current guild buff details.​
        Improved Guild Buff is an addition (not a replacement) to already existing Guild Buffs.

  • New Achievements, quests and rewards are added:
    • The world of ArcheRage is mysterious and beautiful. But, unfortunately, not all players know about its miracles and greatness. We want to provide our players with more knowledge about the world and give them the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and magic of the open spaces of ArcheRage. Due to it new Cartographer achievements are added:
      • Nuia Cartographer - general Cartographer achievement for Nuia continent; awarded when other Cartographer achievements of the continent are acquired.​
      • Haranya Cartographer - general Cartographer achievement for Haranya continent; awarded when other Cartographer achievements of the continent are acquired.​
      • Auroria Cartographer - general Cartographer achievement for Auroria continent; awarded when other Cartographer achievements of the continent are acquired.​
      • Sea Cartographer - general Cartographer achievement for the Sea; awarded when other Cartographer achievements of the sea are acquired.​
      • ArcheRage Cartographer - final Cartographer achievement. Opens access to a short custom questline (3 quests) and additional rewards.​
    • Gather new Cartographer achievements to obtain the following achievement rewards: unique Cartographer titles, custom decor (Painting, Figurines, Weapon Rack, Statue, Spyglass), Loyalty Tokens and Merit Badges.
      achievements rewards_1.png
      achievements rewards_2.png
    • Receive a final title "Great Cartographer" and complete a Cartographer questline. To start a questline either use a quest item received with the final achievement or visit an Auctioneer after you obtain a title "Great Cartographer". You will need to find a place where the treasure is buried, bring the treasure to the auctioneer and he will give a key to open it. Treasure contains multiple unique custom items as well as Loyalty Tokens and Merit Badges.

  • Violent Maelstrom Arena updates:
    • Changed arena map: removed empty spaces on the back of the bases, increased the height of the arena boundary net, reduced the height of the walls obstacles in the middle of arena, weapon spawn points are slightly moved.
    • Added floating docks that can be used to repair damaged ships.
    • Mini-map is added to arena.
    • Added a debuff "Barred from Arena". Player that doesn't leave the base for 2 minutes will be auto-kicked from arena and will receive this debuff that will restrict him from joining arenas for the next hour.​
    • Fixed a bug that allowed to use some skills, pets and any-post owl and warehouse on arena.

  • Bugs fixes:
    • Fixed Steady Shooting skill toggle bug.​
    • Fixed Wailing Dead skill name, player can see during the cast.

  • Marketplace updates:
    • In-game boutique updated [LINK]
    • Loyalty shop changes [LINK]
    • Merit shop changes [LINK]
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