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Tidebreaker Tortoise Armor


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@Sparkle could you resolve this issue please, the Tidebreaker Tortoise armor set that can be crafted for manastorms doesn't have any "Additional Effect" stat bonuses (move speed and such) that it has on live servers.

These are the armor pieces from live:

https://archeagecodex.com/us/item/50148/ (Additional Effect Defense: +345.0 Health Regen: +15.0 Post-Cast Mana Regen: +12.0)
https://archeagecodex.com/us/item/50149/ (Additional Effect Max Health: +1500.0 Max Mana: +1000.0 Move Speed: +4.0%)
https://archeagecodex.com/us/item/50150/ (Additional Effect Evasion Rate: +10.0% Move Speed: +11.0%)

And this is how they look on ArcheRage:

https://wiki.archerage.to/na-en/db/items/50148 (nothing)
https://wiki.archerage.to/na-en/db/items/50149 (nothing)
https://wiki.archerage.to/na-en/db/items/50150 (nothing)