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[West] <Disorderly Conduct>


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Started a guild, added some family and friends. We chill, drink and have fun in the game. Level 4, working on 5. Mostly trade and profit sharing types of adventure. No big plans, no big end game picture. We are friendly to anyone worth being friendly too and always are willing to make some new pals to drink with and we remember it's a videogame. Pals that enjoy working together to complete goals. Personal or guild based, a team is what we do it as. Selfish? Need not apply. Beg? Need not apply.

Send a msg to:
Drunkenhero (AMEX)
Driveby (AMISH)

Pretty much one of those people will be on if you are interested.


P.S. <WANTED> is still the best guild.
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Thank you to the new and old friends that have joined up and made it an even more fun place to hangout together. Recruitment is closing soon and will then be on a accepted/approved friend of friend only basis.


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At 3.0 launch and all the fun leading up to it we will be reopening recruitment to current players, friends from retail and new players alike for a few weeks! Thanks @Previsible for the awesome, you're awesome!


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Just never fish alone with Drunken, when he is drunk he gets handsy 'idk

Waiting to welcome all the new players ;)


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Recruitment is open, feel free to click apply and write some details in the recruit section of the Shift + T tab.


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Driveby has been the leader for several months and continues to be a hell of a great one. Erielle is the co-leader of the guild. Contact either for a fun, no hassle guild. Still doing the same things daily.

Perks include:
Level 6 Guild
Pretty laid back group that has fun and just enjoys the game for what it is.. a game.
Access to Fertilizer houses in:
Gwenoid Forest
Dewstone? Several others.
Access to Bungalow in Sandeep for fishing.
Good assortment of land.
Some pretty sweet ships to ride to Lusca.

Still not a PvP oriented guild, never will be. Too busy drinking and laughing.

Need anything message the above people or me in game.