In-Depth Donation Guide for Archex

Discussion in 'Game Guides' started by Jessica Baker, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Dekadence

    Dekadence New Member

    So it took about 30 mins for the credits to show. But it said the card was used or didn't exist everytime i tried to enter. It was weird. Resolved on its own though so I'm happy lol
  2. Izanamihime

    Izanamihime Member

    So I just used this guide to donate.. All went well.. Waiting on archex.. 10 minutes later It popped from Que to complete.. the moment I click on it.. it says  Your card has been used or it has expired shelf life. << Any solution?

    Ok i found the problem thanks to sparkle... If you get that message.. it means you typed the code wrong! I did it again and it worked within 10 minutes.
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  3. galaxyw

    galaxyw Member

    -Edit- everything works now :D
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  4. Thyestefles

    Thyestefles New Member

    If you follow this guide as instructed you will get your credits no problem.
  5. Ekhamin

    Ekhamin New Member

    does this still work?
  6. lightsenshi6

    lightsenshi6 Member

    It did last week, I haven't tried it this week.
  7. Helruner

    Helruner New Member

    I am currently trying to make a purchase. After doing so on PGC I get this msg:

    This happen to anyone else?

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