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  • I have a problem using the forums. When I log in, I can't see any posts. All goes private. But when I logged out, I see all the posts. How do I fix it?
    Yello, asking about account registration, is it already open for us? i went to register.. after receive email confirmation and i click confirm my email, but it said request processing error..
    and.. about NA server location, where it is?
    The server is located in quebec, you can test your ping to it by pinging - - And yes registration is already open
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    hoo.. tyvm~
    Hi, i just started playing Archerage RU a few days ago. Will i need to download the whole game again from this site or just the launcher will be provided at launch?

    it's a separate client available for download from the na side of the site
    I don't have any interest in transferring my whole account. what I am looking for is a partial or full refund on money spent on the Russian server over the last month transferred to my new account. I would love to play on the new NA server, but i have spent a decent chunk of money on the russian server over the last few months. If i knew an NA server was coming I wouldn't have spent that money.
    Hi Vyru, we really appreciate your time. This is a new Server, so unfortunately at this moment account transfer won't be possible.
    Hey i was wondering. For us who are NA based but have but have been playing on the Russian server for some time, will there be any compensation for all the money we have spent, if we want to switch to the NA server? I know for me and my friends that is our biggest issues is losing all the money we have spent.
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