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[Flash mob] Secret Santa


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IGN : Vizyrion
Wish: Everything that can help making my boats better would be great^^

or something that can help me get a sick epic weap

HF everyone
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IGN - Acidnugget
Wish - I'd like some divine healer gear (boots, pants or gloves) or cloth mana wisps- but I'd appreciate anything! I hope everyone has a great holiday season and enjoys their time with family and friends! <3
IGN : Mashiron
Wish : just something cute or usefull in my house =w= (can't wish for a land lol)

Love & merry christmas for you all :3


IGN: Necrote

Wishlist (take your pick Santa):
  • Skywhisper glider
  • Hellkissed Guitar
  • Sacred Echo
  • Do a glider airshow with me
  • Car race on Mirage Isle
  • Xmas decors
  • Kraken's Might stacks
  • Surprise me otherwise!

Merry Christmas to the AR community & staff! ^.^


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IGN: Scenery
Xmas wish: Something S I C K (and some sick tips to enjoying this game cause im relatively new :^) )


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That is the entry cutoff time.
May your secret santa be listening in on your wishes


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You all will receive a name from me in your game mail today. That will be a name of a player you need to send a gift to. Don’t forget to include holidays wishes with your gift.
Happy Holidays!