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[Game Event] Dream Сatchers


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Dream Catchers.png

(March, 29th - April, 12, 2022)
(May, 2nd - May, 15th, 2023)

Wonderland now opens its doors to all ArcheRage adventurers.
What is Wonderland, you ask? Read more about it [HERE].

For the details in Chinese follow the LINK.

Wonderland is the Abode of Dreams and we invite you to visit it and participate in the new custom event and help our Wonderland citizens.

To reach the event side use Wonderland portal. Portals are located in Austera, Marianople and Diamond Shores.


For your help Wonderland citizens will reward you with the special event coins – Dreamcatcher coins
and Dreamcatcher Shards
Combine 2 Dreamcatcher Shards into a Dreamcatcher coin.


You can get up to 12 tasks:
- 6 one time quests
- 6 daily quests

Daily quests need you to:

Help Innkeeper Greg to bring barrels of wine.

Assist Fisherman Elder and catch fish.

Collect Miracle Ore for Elder Albert

And more tasks are waiting for you!

Your Dreamcatcher coins you can exchange at our Festival Gift Exchanger next to the portal in Wonderland.

List of rewards:
Merit Badge
Loyalty Token
Gilda Star
Pirate's Token
Manastorm Crystal
Bound Tax Certificate
Lemon Soda
Orange Soda
Grape Soda
Sealed Smackerel Skin
Sealed Shark Watergun Weapon
Ehnoïr's Costume
Mahra Tali Costume
Illion's Costume
Mirage Bjorne
Phoenix Phish (30 days)
Ghost Lily Greenhouse
Small Ghost Lily Greenhouse
Round Shields Rack
Rectangular Shields Rack
Vintage Stationery Table
Elven High Chair
Kyrios Statue
Crystal Orb

Ehnoïr's Costume.png Mahra Tali Costume.png Illion's Costume.png
other decor.png

And don't get lost in the Abode of Dreams!
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Dream catcher event coins will expire today! Don't forget to spend them in time!
Event Returns
Join event in Wonderland during May, 2nd - May, 15th
Don't forget to spend your Dream Catcher event coins today before they expire!