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[New Zone] Wonderland


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We are glad to welcome you in a new custom zone of ArcheRage world – Wonderland.
Zone opens on 3/29/2022 after the server maintenance. Visit it to take part in a new custom event (event details will be posted separately)!

Wonderland opens its doors for events, festivals, quests and various other activities.
(P.S. Zone is still partially in development but we’ll slowly add new content to it)

A little bit about this zone:
Rumor had it, that opening the doors of forgotten Ayanad Library would not bode well. Someone, on the contrary, considered this event the opening of new horizons, the expansion of the boundaries of knowledge. It is foolish to deny only one fact – what happened changed the course of history.
Rob – Crimson Watch cadet, changed everything, when, during a night patrol around Ayanad Ruins, he decided to pick up one of the many books out of boredom. “Boundless Oblivion” – the letters worn from time said. In ancient times, thanks to this ancient book, thousands of people could simultaneously see the same dream, the same place. Curious Rob took this book to the mages. And so, for the first time in a long time, the gates to the Wonderland, the Abode of Dreams, were opened. This zone, full of wonders and mysteries, is simultaneously nowhere and everywhere, yesterday and today, because it exists only as long as someone dreams of it. It's time to write a new story.
The Wonderland is reopened, welcome heroes!


To reach the Wonderland use one of the special portals located in Austera, Marianople and Diamond Shores.


Wonderland is waiting for you!