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How to buy credits with Crypto.


Sign up to coinbase the easiest to use and most popular exchange at the moment,


Get your self verified, only took me an hour
you can then add your credit card which has a small fee attached when buying straight up crypto, or you can verify your bank and directly deposit cash via SEPA transfer, this takes a little longer to get verified. my bank charges £10 for transfer so I just use credit card to buy crypto which is instant for me.

you can use this little guide to transfer your newly purchased crypto to GDAX which is owned by Coinbase and requires the same login details, may require an extra verification.
(If you don't transfer to GDAX first you will incur extra charges when transfering your Crypto funds)


1. Go to GDAX.com and log in with your Coinbase account. GDAX is owned by Coinbase, and it’s their platform for more technical people.
2. After you logged in, verify your account if necessary.
3. Press the “deposit” button and then deposit your Bitcoin from your Coinbase wallet. It’s free and takes only seconds.
This is where you send your BTC to shadowcard
4. Press the “withdraw” button, then open the “BTC address” tab and put the address you wish to send your bitcoins to in there.

Once you've bought your Bitcoins/Ethereum and transfered them to GDAX start the purchase process on Shadowcard by selecting BTC/ETH at the checkout and make sure you copy/paste the correct address and amount
Choose Bitcoin or Eth here and click the checkout button;

On Gdax use the Withdraw button to send the correct amount of Bitcoin to the address provided by Shadow card

if I missed anything or you need more help I am happy to lend a hand
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For the record the referral link gives both the buyer and the seller 10 dollars so it was skirting the line between "wrong" and beneficial. Especially since he took the time to write a guide up. Referral links in general could be no allowed here and that would be understandable though.


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You should use Ethereum not Bitcoin, your transaction will confirm faster and you will pay almost no fees. Coinbase allows you to purchase eth directly on their site without having to use GDAX.


If anyone can make a guide for ones that allow paypal for transaction, that would be lovely :) (I know paypal transaction is rare, but there are a few out there, just that I'm still trying to navigate through all the technical jargon)


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We are working on the guide for Crypto Currencies. The currencies that can be used - BTC and ETH. I believe some guides and youtube videos should be already available in Google but we'll also make our own guide.

Though it seems uncomfortable as not a lot of people are used to it, will appear not so difficult at the end.

We'll keep going in the current rhythm with the Forum and Game we have. Though donations are currently partially disabled, Game and Forum will not be affected.

We were advised about the situation just today so posted all the information we had for the players right away. As soon as I get more details will keep you posted.

Sparkle, Today at 3:10 AM Edit Report

Posting this for transparency, as you can see, admins are not concerned about this issue and they are confident our server is and will be up for a long time to come. The only loophole so far that Trion tried to tackle were donations, and even that can be solved taken time and effort.

Please use link justice provided as well as approved guides from the internet untill official one is made here.

Thank you



So for example if i click on theh 20$ in shadowcard website it sends me to " CoinPayments.net" do i just make an account there and link my bank and that's it? or i need to do that in coinbase? I'm lost


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So for example if i click on theh 20$ in shadowcard website it sends me to " CoinPayments.net" do i just make an account there and link my bank and that's it? or i need to do that in coinbase? I'm lost
Hi Bliquis!

CoinPayments.net is just a payment provider. It gives you the options to pay through them in BTC / ETH. They accept these crypto currencies only. But you'll need the place to receive BRC/ETH from first. Here are some links that can help:


We are working on more detailed guide now with better options. As soon as it's available, will be posted.


Are there any plans in the works again for a non-crypto based means of buying credits? There is already a small fee on top of the actual amount of cryptocurrency you're buying just to get it. The transaction fee ("networking fee") just makes it worse. If you're going the bitcoin route you're paying nearly $20 extra just to get $30 worth of credits. The GDAX thing mentioned in the guide probably helps with that but I doubt people want to keep jumping through all of these hoops. Pixel > Shadow > Archerage was annoying enough and even that didn't work out.


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Players are indeed supporting Ethereum more than Bitcoin atm, there were discussions on my faction chat ,and several people agreed on using Ethereum.

I looked through the entire process of donations and compared both, but it would require so much research and knowledge to begin explaining this in a matter most players would pick up.

Personal oppinion, to wait the guide, use crypto as alternative for the time being, and see if ArcheRage team will make a more secure and sustainable way of donations, since the New year is nearly upon us, and it is in their best interest to give us interesting marketplace items we can spend the credits on ;)


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there were like 3-4 verifications needed, for security and for increase in exposure. it was like fb/twitter, facial id, govt issued id and mobile 2factor auth.