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Dear user, we’d like to inform you that we are working with Donate service ShadowCard (SC). This system will give you an opportunity to use cryptocurrency in the game!

More details you may find in the thread "Donations! Important!"

Please follow the link in order to get more information about how to purchase crypto currency.

You will get a special in-game currency – Credits, for the donation you made.

Card amount Credits amount

1 USD 180
5 USD 1000 (900 + 100 Bonus)
10 USD 2200 (1800 + 400 Bonus)
20 USD 4600 (3600 + 1000 Bonus)
30 USD 7000 (5400 + 1600 Bonus)
50 USD 11800 (9000 + 2800 Bonus)
100 USD 25000 (18000 + 7000 Bonus)

Donate Guide
1. Go to SC website and click on Register or Login;


2. You will be transferred to the login and registration menu. Fill in the registration form in case you do not have an account on SC.


3. You will get confirmation email on your e-mail address.


4. Login to your account via "Click here" button.

5. Yoy are in your personal account now where all purchases you've made are listed. Additionaly, there is a password changing option in this section. In order to buy a card, please click on the PURCHASE A CARD button in the lower right corner of the screen.


6. The CRYPTO CURRENCY system allows you to buy 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100$ cards for crypto currency (BTC/ETH/LTC). You just need to choose a crypto currency type and click on the desired card.


7. Confirm and complete you payment. It needs to be done within 2 hours or link will expire:


8. The history of all your cards will be displayed in the personall account on the SC website.

9. If the card can be used then its status will be Available. You need to indicate the card number that is on the card itself in the form on our website (highlighted in red box).

11. In case the card has been used already, the status of it would be Used. Also such data as the name of the account on which it was used, website and the date of use will be displayed.


12. How to use a card? Go to your personal account on our website and on the main page you will see your current balance and the "Charge Credits" button, click on it.
After, you will see the form where you need to paste hash found on your ShadowCard and ARCHERAGE NA account credentials and press Go button.


That's it. The Credit Balance will be updated immediatelly after you Charged it.

P.S.: In case of any issues, please create a Ticket.
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