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Launch Error - ACTION REQ'D


For anyone else that encounters the Launch Error issue, the pinned post, that I cannot reply to, does not address how to actually fixing it, after it's removed the exe's from the directory.
Fyi, When it first happened to me, I looked and it was in exception/allow/exclude list. Etc, I restarted, yada, yada, but the files were still missing. They were already removed. Repair did not resolve my issue. Perhaps I didn't wait long enough, several hours, but no matter, it was faster to just reverse the AV actions.

I had to remove it from my AV actions - Protection History, Threat Quarantined, and Actions, Restore files


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Launch Error occurs in case your anti-virus intrudes the game files, remove them or add to quarantine. Game is missing files and stops launching.
Even if you have anti-virus off, then windows defender can be scanning files and intruding.

Why anti-virus or windows defender removes the files? No, there are no trojans in there but as we are not the official server, our files have no officially signed certificate, due to it some antiviruses can react in such a way. You don't need to worry and can add files to the exceptions.
Why it happened to some of you just now? Could be the av update or windows defender update. That happens to some players from time to time and we have no way to control it or resolve it on our side due to explained above reasons.
How to avoid it? Add files to the exceptions or, if they are already there, remove and re-add them again, make sure all of the required files are added to the exceptions and after it start launcher and do a Repair for the missing files to upload.

The files that should be added to the exceptions are the following:
- game folder
- launcher.exe
- archeage.exe
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For more details check this guide: https://na.archerage.to/forums/threads/launcher-launch-error.9034/