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Safe Land Trades/Demolitions/Services Part II

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Hello again and Welcome to part II

In this part we will be going over these things:
  • Guide about various ways to get scammed, and how to avoid that
  • Sales and Middleman transactions

  • Property Commission and ownership
III.How to avoid getting scammed in land trade:

A lot of griefing in this game comes from this ,call it an alternative way to pvp.

This section is going to get some <3

Archeage a short story:
>Here i was running through the meadows naked for no good reason, when i hear some crackling sound. Like any worried citizen i came to inspect it and saw two people standing there in broad daylight doing some sort of ritual around a burning building.
It would be a shame for a land plot to go to waste and they were burning it down, so i used stealth and placed my house on the empty spot while two people were still talking.

Only one of scenarios, and there are many. Make sure you are not part of one of these, stories, that happen quite often.

From the get go of doing land trades with another party, you need to make sure is he a known scammer, does he have a guild, is his guild reputable, does he have a wanted buff, is he acting weird and rushing you into something, do you know anyone that traded before with him, has he offered to you to do a safe certed trade ,or only demolition, is there anyone else standing or hiding near you while you are preparing for a demo trade, have you screenshoted giving him the gold? If any of the answers are bad, watch out.

It is not enough to trust someone ,no matter what he says to convince you, he can still walk away with the gold midway.

These are just some steps to avoid getting scammed:

  • Using a third party - middleman - ( Invite me, IGN:"Rai" ,or any reputable person you know of like some heroes or your guild leader etc) to hold the gold untill the transition of land is done.
You can tip the middleman, and you can be sure he will not just run away with the gold.
I will describe this later on step by step.

  • Trading by using certified structures and not land demos. Demolition trades are prone to all kinds of scams, it doesnt even has to be a scam, something can go wrong, like in the middle of demolition someone pks you and takes the land, or someone was in stealth all along and takes it, and the previous owner ,refuses to return you your funds.

  • Taking risks.
If a person you are demo trading with asks you to use stealth , wait untill there is no one else around, having you to invite your friends to help you with scouting the surroundings, or making sure to back down and do the trade later on, you should listen , since these things are a must in most cases ,and you should be carefull and be as silent and unnoticable as you can be durring that short time of the trade process.

  • You can get scammed by selling land too, if you demolish first and get no gold, that person can just walk away, making sure to get the gold first is imperative, and if you can not do it alone,
call the middleman "Rai".

Good luck trading, but most of all ,do not rely on luck, rely on security.

IV.Sales and Middleman transactions:

There will always be locations being sold that hold large or several plots of land.

>Sales via forum are usually done when you are selling land plots or structures that amount to aproximate worth over 5k gold.
If you need someone to facilitate a larger scale land trade, invite me to access the situation and give you a plan on how and when to do it.
If you are competent you can do it alone, make sure to be carefull and invite friends.
First step is posting about sales in the Trading forum section by listing:

  • Scale, and location of your estate ,for example ,"WTS 2x28x28 in Solzreed, Lacton"
  • Posting screenshots of your estate is a big plus.
  • Deciding if it will be a certified trade or demolition.
  • Deciding if you want a fixed amount of gold, or is it an auction in the comments.
  • Arrange the time and date that only the buyer, seller, and maybe middleman if one is needed, know.
Doing the trade.


Process of demolition sales can be tedious, becouse there is nothing obligatory holding each party to honor their part of the agreement.
This first of all creates unease and leads to drop from the trade or one party getting scammed in many cases. And becouse of that, you need a person as i mentioned even before, which can:

  • Help you in scouting the area(Or you can set up a mirror, but that attracts more attention.)
  • Inform you if price matches to location (if the deal is too expensive, or too cheap)
  • Middleman recieves the gold from the buyer, screenshots the amount recieved.
  • The trade transpires and once the trade is successfully finished
  • The middleman gives the gold from the buyer , TO SELLER of land plots.
  • If you are happy with the service, you can make a small tip to the middleman in the middle or after the transaction, that is less than what certified trade would cost you.
People i know that will work and be competent as middleman :
Myself- IGN: "Rai"

Please wait for me to come online, or invite someone you both deem trustworthy for the trade.

Will add few others when i determine they honor the deals.Or simply check the comments on all 3 threads to see clues on whom to trust, especially if many other players vouch for him, if he has screenshots of sales being made, and if players posting it are not alts or members from his guild.

V.Property Commission and ownership:

It is not uncommon to simply ask for land even here on forums.
Especially if you want to buy large properties, than among first thing you should do, is check are there already people selling some.
If not, simply create a thread where you list:

  • Which location would you like to buy from?
  • How deep is your pocket? Or will you trade valuable items for the land.
  • What type of trade are you looking for? Demo trade or Certified
  • Specifics-should land plots be connected or close to npcs ,seaside
THREAD I - https://na.archerage.to/forums/inde...d-trades-demolitions-services.1053/#post-9538
THREAD III - https://na.archerage.to/forums/inde...nd-trades-demolitions-services-part-iii.1113/
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I'm down for being a middle man but I havent done much to really get my name out there as a trustworthy person... at least not to the faction... I could definitely get some people to vouch for me however as I have been very generous in my small community of friends.


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I'm down for being a middle man but I havent done much to really get my name out there as a trustworthy person
I hope you will. This can be archieved if you post screenshot links in the comments, of the trades with other parties being content. Or simply being out there, and people can post in the comments that trading with you went well. These threads will serve as an anchor for upcomming months i hope, for people to look for feedback about anything related with land ,when in need.
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