1. drlunatic

    Daily Event Tracker

    Hi, my name is Fernando, also ign ( Dyani ), i'm from brazil, xD, well my mates and i we started playing archerage about a 1~2 months ago, here we have soo many events during the day and the week, i felt the need to have an easy and agile way to follow these events. So I decided to invest some...
  2. Dreamscapes

    Titan Event Titles

    Will the Titan titles be available on the Composition Workbench in Mirage Isle after the event has concluded?

    Limited fun, pray for quee, afk players... What can be done for PvP content.

    Hello dear comunnity, I came here after some time playing this server, and i think i could make a contribution concerning PvP oriented events, focusing in this case the Arena, Halcyona and Mistmerrow. So, after a few talks with some friends, most of them new to the server, we found out bad...
  4. Ryuzaki

    < Costume wars ! >

    Hello Adventurers ___________________________ While it is important to be present and impactful in our world, looking good while doing it makes all the difference :) May it be sublime, funny, powerfull, or attractive for you, please choose up to 3 costumes from these links: Fashion &...
  5. Ryuzaki

    Event Suggestion

    Dont you just love Artistry and all its forms? Lets talk about Archeage Loading Screen :) How many times do we even see it each day, 10, 100 times , more ? 'kill What if few of our talented Artists could make Drawn art or very beautifull screenshots that would in turn get rewarded by ingame...
  6. M

    In-Game Event Ideas

    In-Game Events are fun. They get the community talking and act as an incentive to log in. They can break up the monotony of your daily grind and can lead to more interaction among players. The best events are active events that involve the player performing some sort of action, and give a reward...
  7. Ryuzaki

    Hello :) Moringa event Info

    To better understand the concept and mechanics we will together test this and improve if necessarily. _______________________________ At the bottom left corner you have a new interactive icon that rewards you one "Vibrant Moringa Fruit" This item can be used at the Mirage by interacting with...
  8. Nocht

    Nocht's Randomizer Event | Lucky Moonpoints Giveaway

    This event has ended. Thank you to all participants! Winners: Jerome - 41 Ulcaster - 77 Contest rewards have been mailed thru in-game owl post. Yes, I'm copying an event from of one our graceful admins, IronLady. I like it, sue me! I know a lot of you are looking to get that nice double...