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    ArcheAge to ArcheRage: The road ahead?

    I think you are over exaggerating faction chat. While there is the x RD spam. The ded server and trap no sense was mostly first week stuff. From what if noticed west faction chat is fine. Outside of a few random "special" kids.
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    Loot crates/boxes being added - Fact or fiction.

    yea honestly these admins have bee amazing so far, the server is super stable, they are quick to fix bugs and issues. Clear communication. They are way better then trino has ever been. The cash shop is how they make their money, and I am ok with spending the money.
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    Loot crates/boxes being added - Fact or fiction.

    RNG boxes are on the RU Server, I would be surprised if they didn't get put on this server. They are a lot cheaper, so more people have access to getting them. I don't see them as a bad thing at all. I opened prob 50 different rng boxes on RU, and I rarely made enough money to justify buying...
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    Labor offline

    @IronLady @Sparkle ^
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    Purchasing Credits

    I have also used both PayPal and credit card and have had zero issues. Your first purchase will take a bit of time, but any other purchase after that is almost instant.
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    Purchasing Credits

    Super Rewards allows you to use, credit and PayPal. I have never used the other one so I have no idea.
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    Thanks IronLady/ArcheRage Team

    Thank you @IronLady you and your team have been a blessing to archage fans!
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    Can I Use My Saved Appearance Files from AA?

    You could download the Russian client and test it on there servers first if you are unsure.
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    Money Spent on RU Server

    I mean this was related to whole character transfers. she replied in PM, she had no info at this time in relation to recently bought credits. Still waiting for another response.
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    NA Server Questions/Concerns

    I could agree with this.
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    People shouldn't be able to transfer credits from RU to NA server.

    I mean the counter-argument to this is. There are a lot of NA player who recently started on the Russian server, who bought credits within the last two weeks, most of these players would not have bought those credits if they knew in advance this server was a thing. I Personally would prefer if...
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    NA Server Questions/Concerns

    I mean me personally agree with what you are saying, But also I bought credits less then a week ago, that I would not have bought if I knew this server was going up. So it kinda helps some of us NA people that started playing on Russian, feel ok about going over to NA because we won't lose all...
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    I don't have any interest in transferring my whole account. what I am looking for is a partial...

    I don't have any interest in transferring my whole account. what I am looking for is a partial or full refund on money spent on the Russian server over the last month transferred to my new account. I would love to play on the new NA server, but i have spent a decent chunk of money on the...