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This thread will help you to find our more about this server unique features that make it different from regular ArcheAge.
Information in English can be found below.
For the details in Portuguese follow the
For the details in Spanish follow the
For the details in Chinese follow the LINK.

We have the high-end hardware for your comfortable gaming and a team of professionals! Still doubt? Then check the details below...

Server started from 2.9 game versions, went through 3.0, 3.0b, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.1, 5.3, 5.5, 6.1, 6.2, 6.5, 7.0, 7.5 and currently at 8.0 custom.
Except of the global updates, server also has weekly custom updates. For more details about them as well as global updates follow the [LINK]

Joining this server you are getting a Patron status for free! Our Patron is not only free but its also improved in comparison with regular ArcheAge.​


Tired of slow leveling and equipment gain?

Server has increased rates!
• We increased experience rates obtained for killing mobs, completing quests, crafting and other activities – 5 times!
• We accelerated the growth of all objects in the game (from trees to cattle) – 2 times!
• Production speed was increased by 2 times!
• Labor points generation speed was increased by 4 times!
• Free Patron (also known as premium account).
• Honor points increased for monsters slaying!
• Honor points increased for killing enemies on War and at the Siege!
• Honor points increased for battling on the Gladiator Arena!
• Honor points increased for battling on the arenas!
• Honor points increased for winning the battle on the arenas!
• Honor points increased for defeat or dead heat on the arenas!

For the New Players we prepared a Support Pack that includes:
  • Cloaked Divine Radiant Hiram (T2) Weapon (4)
  • Cloaked Celestial Hiram Guardian Armor (7)
  • Goblet of Honor (10)
  • Bound Lucky Elixir (5)
  • Snowmane Snowlion
  • Scroll: Farm Wagon
  • Fish-Find Longliner Design
  • multiple other items
    [*]Mysterious Hiram Infusion
    [*]Radiant Hiram Infusion
    [*]Hiram Awakening Scroll
    [*]Umbrella Magithopter (temp glider)
    [*]Cave Bat (temp auto-loot pet)
    [*]Midnight Owl (temp auto-loot pet)
    [*]Auto-loot powerstone (7 days)
    [*]Bound Hereafter Stone
    [*]Decrystallization Scroll
    [*]Small House Design Chest
    [*]Manastorm Crystal
    [*]Adventurer's Desert Fire
    [*]Adventurer's Mossy Pool
    [*]Adventurer's Assorted Savory Sirloin
    [*]Bound Tax Certificate
    [*]Hiram Awakening Scroll: Lv 1
    [*]Honorable Victory Rank 1/3/4
    [*]Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 1/3/4
    [*]Bound Labor Recharger
    [*]Wrapped Royal Archivist Mission: Mysterious Hiram Infusion (7 days)
    [*]Bound Clear Synthium Crate
    [*]Bound Blue Salt Manual
    [*]Bound Tempering Charm
    [*]Adventurer's Goblet of Honor
    [*]Luna Charm Rank 1
For the details regarding Support Pack follow this [LINK]

For the Returning Players we prepared a Returning Player Pack “Homecoming Warrior Supply Pack that includes:
  • Cloaked Celestial Radiant Hiram (T2) Weapon (4)
  • Cloaked Celestial Radiant Hiram (T2) Armor (7)
  • Umbrella Magithopter (temp glider)
  • Kamari (temp mount)
  • Cave Bat (temp auto-loot pet)
  • Midnight Owl (temp auto-loot pet)
  • Auto-loot powerstone (7 days)
  • Small House Design Chest
  • multiple other items
    • Mysterious Hiram Infusion
    • Radiant Hiram Infusion
    • Hiram Awakening Scroll
    • Bound Hereafter Stone
    • Decrystallization Scroll
    • Small House Design Chest
    • Manastorm Crystal
    • Adventurer's Desert Fire
    • Adventurer's Mossy Pool
    • Adventurer's Assorted Savory Sirloin
    • Bound Tax Certificate
    • Hiram Awakening Scroll: Lv 1
    • Honorable Victory Rank 1/3/4
    • Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 1/3/4
    • Bound Labor Recharger
    • Wrapped Royal Archivist Mission: Mysterious Hiram Infusion (7 days)
    • Bound Clear Synthium Crate
    • Bound Blue Salt Manual
    • Bound Tempering Charm
    • Adventurer's Goblet of Honor
    • Luna Charm Rank 1
For the details regarding Returning Player Pack follow this [LINK]

Each new character receives a Beginner's Luck Giftbox at level 50.
You will find there:
- Bruiser's Badge (6)​
- Shadow Daru Trader (1)
- Wayfarer's Supply Bundle (1)
- Adventurer's XP Boost Potion (10)
- ArcheRage Adventurer's Token (1)
- Bound Elixir of Insatiable Greed (5)
- Adventurer's Weapon Bundle (1)
- Adventurer's Silver Ring (2)
- Adventurer's Silver Earring (2)
- Adventurer's Silver Necklace (1)
- Adventurer's Costume (1)
- Adventurer's Blue Ocean Undergarments (1)

ArcheRage Adventurer's Token gives a special effect for 15 days:
Increases XP gain, Loot Drop Rate +20%, all Attacks/Healing +5%, all Defense +5%, and Move Speed +10%.
Decreases Production Time -10%. Prevents XP loss upon death. Persists despite death and lasts 15 days.
Adventurer's Weapon Bundle contains Temporary Obsidian Weapon and Obsidian Armor.
Wayfarer's Supply Bundle contains Adventurer's Hushed Stars (100), Adventurer's Afternoon Suns (100), Adventurer's Misty Memories (100), Adventurer's Morning Dews (100).
Adventurer's Costume provides the following Equip effect for 30 days: Max HP +1000, Max MP +500, Health Regen +2%, Mana Regen +2%.
Adventurer's Blue Ocean Undergarments provide the following Equip effect for 30 days: Melee Critical Rate +5%, Ranged Critical Rate +5%, Magic Critical Rate +5%, Critical Heal Rate +5%.​

Custom Events are waiting for you!
4.jpg 5.jpg 7_.jpg main.jpg 3.pngTW.jpg

For more information regarding ingame events follow the [LINK]

Visit our Custom Naval arena for the violent battles!
It’s a custom ArcheRage arena, specially designed for the naval battles. Arena is separated from the rest of the sea by the net and makes a square with the teams bases in 2 corners.
This is a team battle on speedboats 6v6 arena. Winners can receive various custom decor items, costumes and even items that let you to be transformed to Dahuta or Calamitous Vyrava.
For the details visit our Violent Maelstrom naval arena guide [LINK]

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

Like the game lore?! New previously unknown stories will open their boundaries for you in our Custom Questlines!
Currently Chapter 100 - 104 (former 30-34) of the custom questline are available.
Custom questline also includes completely new skills, effects, NPC-characters and items.

Chapter 100 "The New beginning!" starts in Golden Ruins. To start it you need to have level 52.
Chapter 101 "The Order of Nui" starts in Golden Ruins as well. Make sure to finish previous chapter 20 first.
Chapter 102 "Secrets, spirited away" starting quest will be provided to you by Temple Priestess after you finish chapter 21.
Chapter 103 "On The End Of Time Verge" starting quest will be provided to you by Drillmaster Raysen after you finish chapter 22.
Chapter 104 "Necronomicon".

1.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg

Repel the attack and defend ArcheRage world from the Custom Bosses!
Participate in the battle with:
- Harbinger in Diamond Shores;
- Sea Spirit General in Karkasse Ridgelands;
- Aragog in White Arden;
- Avatar vs Addraggurat in Heedmar.
Harbinger.jpg Sea Spirit General.jpg Aragog.jpg Addraggurat & Avatar.jpg

Custom Festival will not leave you bored!
  • Who doesn't like Dragons? Dragons Festival is a perfect chance to spend good time with these creatures. Multiple unique quests, never seen dragons and custom rewards are waiting for you there.
For the details of the Dragons Festival follow the [LINK]
10.jpg 9.jpg 23.jpg

  • Love Easter?! Join Easter celebration that will take place on the Mirage Isle and help with painting eggs, Easter deliveries, hunting eggs, searching for the Easter rabbits. You will also have a chance to taste holiday food, participate in the Easter lottery and Easter glider trials. Unique quests, custom decor, multiple rewards and other interesting things are waiting for you during our Easter Festival [LINK]

3.jpg 5.jpg 7.jpg 9.jpg
  • Like being active every day? Join ArcheRage Marathon. It’s a marathon, so the most persistent will receive the best rewards!
    For the details follow the [LINK]
  • Hiram Farmer and the Beanstalk event. Get your Magic Beans and grow your own Beanstalk House [LINK]
  • Soccer Mini Event for the real soccer fans [LINK]
    2.png 5.png
  • And don't miss Lunar Festival and celebrate Asian New Year with us [LINK]
    1.png 5.png
  • Open new custom zone Wonderland [LINK] for yourself and participate in our custom Dream Catchers event [LINK]
    Wonderland also offers Daily Quests, Achievements, Boss, Daily and Weekly events. Details at [LINK]
  • Follow Free People to Wonderland and join Free Winds Festival [LINK]
    1_1.jpg 2_2.jpg

ArcheRage Club for parties and concerts!
ArcheRage Club opens its doors in Mirage. A perfect place to organize a party or a concert with your band!​
Travel to the left from the main entrance of Mirage Isle. You will see a new building not far from Harani Keep. Details [LINK]
1_1.png 5.png 6.jpg

Want something new for your character? Custom Mounts, Pets, Gliders, Tents and Pavilions are in game!
  • Custom Mounts: Ancient deers - Iceneer, Igneer, Mooneer; Ganesha; Mooonster; Fire Imperial Griffin, Emerald Imperial Griffin, Dawn Imperial Griffin.
    Ancient deer Iceneer_new.jpg Ancient deer Igneer_new.jpg Ancient deer Mooneer_new.jpg Ganesha_1.jpg Mooonster.png Fire Griffin.jpg Emerald Griffin.jpg Dawn Griffin.jpg
  • Custom Pets: Mechanical Wolf F17, Abbadon; Azazel; Moon Owl; Moloch.
    Mechanical Wolf F17.jpg Abbadon.jpg Azazel.jpg Moon Owl's Golden Bell2.jpg Moloch.jpg
  • Custom Glider: «God of War»
    «God of War» Glider.jpg
  • Custom Housing: Tents, Camps, Pavilions.
    Tent1.png Tent2.png
  • Custom Decor
  • Custom Costumes
  • Previously added on Korean servers items only: Larva items; Hello Kitty items!
  • Custom music option that allows players to use and change custom Music Discs
    music_disc_5.dds.png in many vehicles. For this update details check LINK.
For more details and items description check our In-game boutique thread [LINK]

Some useful links for you:
ArcheRage Website
ArcheRage Forums
ArcheRage Game Client
ArcheRage Discord

Other unique features of the server you may need to know about:
  • First one will be more like advise to the joining players than feature. If you registered on the website but verification e-mail is not arriving - check your spam folder.​
  • On our server all activities that involve labor use (cut, plant, gather, craft or mine) are disabled till level 52. The only exception is fishing and larceny.​
  • The total of the characters you can create on your account is 9. But, only 1 account per player is allowed!​
  • You can purchase costumes, mounts and other items from a loyalty shop that is updated once in 2-3 weeks. Loyalty tokens (loyalty shop currency) can be received from daily playing - 3 Loyalty tokens per 60 min. Max total a day - 9 loyalty tokens. You can receive a bonus of 5 extra loyalty tokens daily when login if you donate any amount to the server, within 30 days after donation.​
  • On our server Perdita Statue Torso costs 10 gold only, but you can turn it into decor.​
  • Craft Evenglow Lunagems at a Handicraft Kiln using the “Shining Fragment”. Complete the following quests to receive Shining Fragments: “The Cursed Towers”; “Lusca Awakening”; “Defeat Kadum!”; “Sea Breeze”; win the Battle for the Golden Plains (Halcyona War) and interact with the Halcyona Artifact at the end of the battle.​
  • Sport Fishing profit depends on the level of your fishing proficiency on our server. At the max proficiency level the sell price is increased for more than twice.​
  • You can customize your game even more with our custom settings added. Now you can optionally turn on/off FoV Mod; KrFont Mod; Regrade Notifications; Whisper Sound; Display Guild or Family Name; Display Title; Auto-Reject all friends invitations; set your Game Logs Lifetime Duration.
  • Player can't be added to the friend list without the confirmation from accepting friend invite side. Now, when you add another player to your friend list, that player receives a friend invite (same as raid, party invite, etc) that player can accept or reject. If you remove a player from your friend list, you will be automatically removed from his friend list as well.​
  • New Guild content - Guild Functions: Guild Quests, Guild Bank, improved Guild Buffs, Improved Guild Shop, Additional Guild Quests [LINK]
  • Heroes Alley is created to honor our Heroes that stay active during a very long time [LINK]
  • Sunken Ships got a number of changes [LINK] [LINK]
  • Custom Cartographer achievements with various unique rewards [LINK]
  • Players can save their chat log and combat log into a separate file.​
  • Increased Guild XP rates, added custom options to obtain additional Guild XP [LINK].​
  • A 64bit client is now available.​
  • 61 custom hiram achievement that provides tempers, hiram guardian weapon and armor, infusions and unique title icon [LINK]
  • Trading System also received several custom improvements. Your profit from Specialties; Fellowship Specialty; Aged Salve, Cheese and Honey; Cargo Packs depends on the level of your commerce proficiency on our server. At the max commerce proficiency level the sell price is increased for more than twice. For more details and other custom changes to trade system check [LINK]
  • 19 custom achievements that allow you to gather ArcheRage Collection and obtain unique custom mount as well as many other rewards [LINK]
  • Item Restoration Service [LINK]
  • Character Transfer Service [LINK]
  • XP requirements for Erenor Equipment reduced by 30%.​
  • XP requirements for Hiram Equipment reduced by 30%.​
  • Increased Awakening Erenor success rate.​
  • Increased Awakening Hiram success rate and reduced crystallization chance for Hiram [LINK].​
  • Increased Weekly Quests reward for approx 40%.​
  • Reduced Dungeons gear cost by 30%.​
  • Custom scrolls added to the game: Erenor Armor and Weapon Conversion Scrolls, Brilliant Erenor Armor and Weapon Conversion Scrolls.​
  • Added custom upgrade for Seaskimmer Speedboat - Seaking Speedboat GT. It can be customized (7 customization slots). Details: [LINK]
  • Costumes can be transferred if you use Costume Cover. Can be found in Marketplace.​
  • Reduced price by 2 times of some items from Akasch Invasion merchants: Gedlon's Strength, Herstan's Resilience, Yordan's Wisdom, Ewan's Rune Rank 1 and 2 [LINK]
  • Faction Score for Akasch Invasion changed to make it easier for players to win: more points for killing mobs and quest for the players; less points for defeating players Akasch [LINK]
  • Rotten Packs: Added a chance to get additional 5 gold. Chance depends on Commerce. Max level of Commerce provides a 100% chance.​
  • ArcheRage Wiki is introduced [LINK]. There you can find info on skill sets, game events, etc. Wiki is stil under development, so more functions are going to be added there. For the updates on Wiki info follow the [LINK]
  • Important Land Claims changes that now protect owner's land when he decides to change house/farm on the property and also new rolling system for land claims [LINK]
(Thread is still going to be updated and new information included to this list with time)
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