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FAQ in English can be found below.
For the details in Portuguese follow the
For the details in Spanish follow the
For the details in Chinese follow the LINK.

General Questions

Not sure about your first steps?
We prepared a mini Guide for you, check it here [link].​

How can I download the game?
Click here [Link] and pick your preferred download style: Torrent or Direct Download.​
Registered the account but don't receive the verification e-mail. What's wrong?
Verification e-mail arrives within 5-15 minutes in most cases. If you didn't receive it during that time, check your spam folder, it can be there.​

What are the features of the server? Why is it better than the original ArcheAge servers?
You can find main server features by following this [Link]

Where is the server located? How can I check my ping?
Server is located in Canada. To check your ping and latency use this link http://proof.ovh.net/ , press "Server selection" and choose Canada.​

Are there any Official Discord servers for ArcheRage?
You can join us in official ArcheRage Discord by following the link: https://discord.gg/6Seufus
Do you have anything to help a New Player or Returning Player?
For the new players we have a Support Pack that includes a set of Divine Radiant Hiram (T2) Weapon, Divine Radiant Hiram (T2) Armor, Goblet of Honor, Bound Lucky Elixir, Snowmane Snowlion, Scroll: Farm Wagon, Fish-Find Longliner Design. You can find details by following the [Link]
For Returning Players we also prepared a giftpack. Details: [LINK]

How can I donate?
Please check this page [Link]
Details regarding the donation and detailed guides can be found here: [Link1] [Link2] [Link3]

Where can I find Game Rules?
To read server Game Rules follow this [Link]

Where can I find Forum Rules?
To read server Forum Rules follow this [Link]

What is the server time? Where can I find it?
You can check server time on the website or at the Launcher start.​

How can I change my in-game name?
To change name, submit a Ticket at your Account Panel with your current name and name you'd like it to be changed to.​
You can change your name to the available vacant one. Also, if another player's account is not in use for 6 months and more, any character name from it can be taken by another player per player’s request.​
Name change cost - 500 credits for the available name and 1000 credits for the name from inactive account.​
Your name can include only 1 capital letter at the start, no other capital letters, numbers or spaces.​

How can I change my account name/e-mail on the account?
Game account name as well as e-mail on the account can't be changed.​
To change your forum account name contact server staff in Contact Moderators forum section.​

How can I change a guild name?
Guild name change certificate is available in our Marketplace in game.​

How to submit a Ticket?
There is a button "Tickets" available on your Account Panel. Detailed guide can be found here [Link]

I submitted a Ticket/sent message to Administrator(Moderator). How long do I need to wait for reply?
Tickets and private messages are replied within 24-48 hours. Please make sure not to bump them during this time as it may delay a reply.​

What can I write in Tickets?
You can write anything you want: suggestions, players reports, appeals, bugs reports, ask your questions. When you submit a Ticket, choose a category that suits you the most.​

Where can I report a player or appeal my ban?
You can do it in Tickets only. Submit a Ticket at your Account Panel.​

I've heard there is a weekly rotation of costumes, decor and RNG boxes in game. Where can I find the details?
To find out what items are currently in rotation you can check our In-game boutique forum thread [Link] or Marketplace located in game.​

I downloaded the game and it can't install/download completely/gives error. What to do?
If you used Direct Download, reinstall a Torrent version.​

Can I change a Race?
No, we don't have a race change option available on our server. Bound items can't be transferred between characters as well.​

I didn't play for many months, now returned and all my farms are gone. How can that be? What to do?
If you don't pay taxes, land will go to demo and your farms will be removed and sent to your mail. All demolition mails that were not read within 365 days automatically expire and delete from your mail box. They can't be restored after. If you no longer have your farms as they were auto-deleted with time, you can submit a Ticket and we'll have your previous marketplace farms purchases cleared, so you could be able to repurchase them again.​

What is the current game version on the server?
We are currently running 8.5 custom version.​
For the patch notes and details on the custom updates follow the [Link]

I'm a beginner, what should I do?
You can find useful tips in this thread [Link] or check our Game Guides forum section [Link]

Where can I check game updates?
You can find them in Updates form section [Link]

What are the events available on the server?
You can check for in-game and forum events in In-game & Forum Events forum section [Link]
You can also find a mini-guide on all the events currently running HERE.​

How do you reset your password?
To restore/reset your password, go to the main website page and press "Lost Password?" button. After that you'll be able to restore it by either entering your user name or e-mail.​
If you received a new password, access your account with it, go to Services and do a Password Change there to the one you'd like.​

I have a Technical issue. What to do?
Most client related issues are displayed and mentioned [here] which you can refer to and solve yourself, but if you have something different you need to submit a Ticket or describe your problem in Technical support forum section.​
If you have a Server issue go here [Link]. If your problem is a Client side one go here [Link].​

I accidentally destroyed the item (removed it from my inventory). Can you restore it?
A new Items Restoration Service was added. Now, you can do it yourself. For details follow the [Link]
Also, to avoid accidental deleting, selling or breaking the item use Item Lock feature in your inventory.

During the land demo I claimed land and looks like another player claimed same land with me? How is it possible? What should I do?
That can happen if both players claimed land at the same moment during the land demo.​
As you both claimed land at the same time, you both have the equal rights for it. Due to it you need to agree it on your side, who will remove the property. Otherwise, if no agreement is reached, both will have to be removed.​
How do I report a bug?
You can submit a Ticket or report it in private forum section "Detected a bug - tell us here!" that is visible for server staff and bug reporter only [Link]

Can I change my email?
Yes, in some cases. Follow this [LINK] for details.​

How can I additionally protect my account?
Use Two Factor Authentication (2FA), is an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of online accounts beyond just a username and password.​
Details [LINK]
Where can I find events timers, skills calculator, etc?
Visit our ArcheRage Wiki website for it [LINK]
Wiki is still under development, so more functions are going to be added there. For the updates on Wiki info follow the [LINK]

A utility to properly convert optimized exports made from 3MLE to ArcheRage MML (online web app for Artistry).
It essentially fixes 3MLE’s exported MML code so that it plays as expected in ArcheRage.​
This is for anyone with a desire to fit as many notes as possible into the music paper of their choice; thus, ultimately resulting in squeezing more music into a sheet of music paper.​

Technical Questions

What to do if I get one of the Client related issues?
Check this thread [Link]. If it doesn't help, press Repair button at the Launcher start.​
If it doesn't help or doesn't reply your question, check bellow.​

I get a "Verification error". What should I do?
Check your internet connection, make sure you enter correct login (use the one you registered on website) and password (CapsLock is off, correct keyboard language is chosen).​

What to do if I get "Version check error"?
Version check error occurs when your connection to the update server is unstable or abruptly cut. It's either something on your connection side or something like your anti virus or Windows protection is blocking the connection.​
You should be able to make ArcheRage an exception to your systems protection and they'll ignore it.​
Also, go to game folder and remove file "client.version".​

Whenever I want to change to another character, the character selection screen just remains black. How to fix it?
Try to change your Quality settings to High or Very High.​

When I start game I'm getting a black screen / Game won't launch. Any way to fix it?
You may need to switch between DirectX11 and DirectX9.​

My Settings, Skill Bar locations and Chat Tabs don't save properly. What should I do?
Try to clear cache and reset the settings. You need to go to C:\ArcheRage\Documents and remove folder’s content (ctrl+A -> delete). Then start the game and set new settings.​

I get a "Launch error" msg after i installed and try to press play in client. What should I do?
Your anti-virus is intruding the game and blocking or removing some of the game files. You just need to add game folder, Archeage.exe and Launcher.exe to the anti-virus exceptions, then restart your launcher and press Repair if it doesn't start itself.​
If issue remains, you'll need to re-install the game client. If you used Direct Download before, try to use Torrent option.​

Failed to Repair Error. What to do?
You need to remove the file client.version in the game folder and then press Repair button.

Game is loading extremely slow, why?
It can be your hard drive issue. We recommend to use SSD to improve your game play.​

Can't understand part of my game chat. Another language I don't understand is used there. What can I do?
You can see your full chats convo from the game in your documents. For it go Documents/ArcheRage/Chat or Documents/ArcheRage/LogBackups/Chat.​

I have Steelseries Headphones and game is crashing while tries to load. Can crashes be caused by them?
If you use Steelseries Headphones, your crashes are most likely caused by them. Steelseries usually separate Game and Chat volume mixers. If you have your default set to the Chat mixer, then swapped it back to Game.​
And if if you have an Artics7 for headset, you have to change something at the sound options. Use default device Artics 7 game.​
Issue of crashing at game loading can also be caused by other audio device / software, like Razer Synapse. If you have the one, try to uninstall/reinstall it and start the game.​
Bluetooth on the motherboard sometimes can be causing issues as well. If you have the one, turn it off and try to access the game.​

Game Questions

I can't cut trees, gather, craft or mine. What happened? Why does any action that burns labor say "level too low"?
Your character's level is too low. On our server all activities that involve labor use (cut, plant, gather, craft or mine) are disabled till level 52. The only exception is fishing.​

I found a Perdita Statue Torso but only received 10 gold for it. Is it a bug?
No. On our server Perdita Statue Torso costs 10 gold only.​

I got Wanted debuff, and can’t get rid of it! What to do?
You have to be sent to jail after you die.​

You've accidentally deleted something from your character?
Use our Restoration function. For details check this thread - [Link]

Is scamming allowed?
Administration does not encourage scamming in the game, but also it is not restricted by the game rules.​

How do I level?
Leveling in this game is very fast and easy because EXP is boosted times 5, which makes every quest give you x5 EXP, every mob give you x5 EXP. Do the green quests to level up faster.​

What mods are allowed?
FOV mod and KR Font mod are already installed in game. You don't need to install these mods separately.​
Ping Reducers are allowed. You can use re-shader as well.​
Teleport Book mod is strictly prohibited. All other mods are forbidden as well.​

What to do if I noticed somebody breaking the rules?
If you noticed somebody cheating, botting, alting or breaking any other rules submit a Ticket, explain why you think player is breaking rules and include screenshot or video recording with your explanations.​

I can't revive my pet?
Visit a stablehand or a Nui and have your pet spawned out.​

I kill mobs but don't receive EXP and gold, why?
That means you either over-leveled mobs or haven't reached needed level yet. Usually, difference in levels between you and mob shouldn't exceed 5-7 levels.​

Where is my ucc.png folder?
That is the location used for crests.

Any Game Guides?
Available Game Guides can be found HERE. Among them:​
- Anchoring Charm (No Break Charm) Guide! [Link]
- How to effectively play ArcheRage [Link]
- Four metrics to evaluate money-making methods on ArcheAge [Link]
- ArcheRage Obsidian Gear guide! [Link]
- Cloth Crafting Spreadsheet [Link]
- List of Ways to Obtain Honor [Link]
- Start Making Money (Alchemy) [Link]
- Mornstones and socket extracting [Link]
- Guide to raids and more! [Link]
- A guide to fusing items [Link]
- Guild Creation Guide [Link]
- Tips For New Players [Link]
- [In-Depth] How to progress guide [Link]
- 3.5 Trade System Guide [Link]
- Quests, Leveling, and Tips [Link]
- Download and Installation [Link]
- Torrent Quick Guide [Link]
- Noob Level Gold Farming! [Link]
- Archeage 3.0&3.5 Pack Values [Link]
- Stat Migration [Link]
- Honor points and Vocation badges [Link]
- Ancestral Levels [Link]
- Autumn Lore Festival [Link]
- Zodiac Festival [Link]
- Hallowtide Festival [Link]
- New Player Guides! [Link]
- Gweonid Lantern Festival/Thanksgiving [Link]
- Winter Maiden Festival! [Link]
- Wild plant guide [Link]
- Sieges System. Main requirements to become and stay a Castle Lord [Link]
- How to raise a Dragon?! [Link]
- Guild Functions [custom]: Guild Formation Quests, Guild Bank, Improved Guild Buffs, Improved Guild Shop, Additional Guild Quests [Link]
- Merit Badges - ways to obtain! [Link]
- ArcheRage chat translator [Link]
- Sport Fishing guide [Link]
- Cars [Link]
- Crest Guide [Link]
- Guild XP [Link]
- Hiram Gear Guide [Link]
- Trade 5.0 [Link]
- Exile System [Link]
- Pirate Faction [Link]
- Territory 6.0+ [Link]
- Farmhand [Link]
- Custom Questline - Chapter 100+ [LINK]
- ArcheRage chat translator [LINK]
- ArcheRage scoreboard [LINK]
- ArcheRage Damage/Heal Meter Overlay [LINK]
- Guide to annoying quests [LINK]
- Early-game info [LINK]
- The AR Car Guide [LINK]
- Erenor Guidelines [LINK]
- Wonderland Guide [LINK]
- Wonderland Exploration (achievements) [LINK]
- Accessories [LINK]
- Furniture: Curiosities [LINK]
- Dungeon Drops [LINK]
- Random info guide [LINK]
- Costumes & Undergarments [LINK]
- Guild info [LINK]
- Collection Achievements [LINK]
- Title icons [LINK]
- Exploration guide [LINK]
- Collection Achievements: video preview [LINK]

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